Stair and Riser Painting in Calgary

Freshly painted stairs and risers are a great way to add to the look of your home. You can give your home a classic look with dark stained stairs with bright white risers and matching dark stained bannisters.

You can do something different using varied colours and designs. Stairs, risers, bannisters and stringers..


Window Painting in Calgary

New Look Cabinets are in the area with the best contractors in the business to assist you in your Spring Chores. Often we do not consider windows when we prepare for the warm season. However, snow, ice, rain and other harsh winter elements are hazardous to exterior …


Aluminum Siding Painting in Calgary

Why would you paint your Aluminum Siding you ask? Why would you not just replace it? Let New Look Cabinets answer these questions for you. It is no longer necessary to absorb the cost of such an expensive undertaking.


Eco-Friendly Paint in Calgary

I bet you did not realize that your home could be making you and your loved ones sick! Yes, that is correct! Nowadays, decorating and painting our homes is something we all do on a regular basis. However, we need to educate ourselves on the products and potential danger of toxic materials that we are subjecting ourselves to.


Painting Franchise

Would you like to jump on board with a winning business? New Look Cabinets is “ON THE MAP.” With a glowing reputation and numerous satisfied customers, this is a life changing experience you don’t want to miss out on. There are so many reasons why you should fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss and opening a franchise.