Eco-Friendly Paint in Calgary

I bet you did not realize that your home could be making you and your loved ones sick! Yes, that is correct! Nowadays, decorating and painting our homes is something we all do on a regular basis. However, we need to educate ourselves on the products and potential danger of toxic materials that we are subjecting ourselves to. Have you ever heard of VOC’s?

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds.” This toxic chemical could be just the thing that has you rubbing your eyes, coughing, swallowing allergy medications and so on. Not to mention the offensive smell which sometimes keeps us from returning to our homes for days following a paint renovation. It’s time to call New Look Cabinets for an eco-friendly solution to your painting needs. If you are looking to purchase a home it would be a good idea to inquire as to whether it has been painted with conventional paint. If so, you may want to look into re-painting with an environmentally friendly paint.

Finding an eco-friendly paint is a real chore. New Look Cabinets are experienced in this area and are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have and to offer to you your free quotation. Let’s do our part for the environment as well as protecting our loved ones. Your pets will thank you too! Call today.

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