What is line painting?

Line painting?

Line markings are a common sight when driving on roads or through parking lots, as they help keep drivers safe and informed. Most lines are easily recognized, such as directional arrow lines or handicap parking markers. Still, the markings see a lot of daily wear and tear and eventually will wear out and fade. Keeping these lines fresh and clear is what makes having professional line painting such an important necessity. 

New Look Line Painting offers high-quality services for professional Calgary line painting from parking lot lines to stop bars and more. They share more about what line painting is, the different types and why it’s so important:

What is line painting? 

Line painting refers to any lines you see on roads, parking lots or in parkades. Both drivers and pedestrians alike rely on proper road markings to stay safe and avoid accidents. Depending on where line painting is needed, it is either applied in white or yellow paint. Other cases, such as handicap parking, will require coloured paint, such as a combination of blue and white. 

Line painting is not only important for safety, but it also plays a role in affecting businesses. A run-down parking lot or unmarked parkade is an unappealing sight to any potential tenants or clients. Having a well-kept property reflects positively on businesses and customer care alike, which is more likely to attract new clients.  

The right type of paint

Just like you need the right paint to colour your walls or kitchen cabinets, line paint must be the right kind. Basic acrylic or latex paints won’t work, as the paints can’t stick to the pavement. Instead, the lines quickly peel away, which is both wasted time and a danger to drivers and pedestrians. Traffic paint is a specially designed paint that is able to stick to both asphalt and concrete. 

Latex road paints are ideal for projects that need to be done quickly, as the paint itself dries fast. Once heated, the latex will dry within 1-2 minutes leaving the roads ready for use again. For areas needing highly visible and bright paint, water-based road paint is used. These paints are specifically used in parking lots or any areas with light traffic where high visibility is key.

Busier traffic areas, on the other hand, need a more durable and robust paint. These areas and paints also need to withstand various weather conditions, as well as expansions or contractions in the pavement. Thermoplastic road paints are typically used in this case, as the paint is highly robust and slightly elastic. 

Parking lots line painting

Parking lot lines are just as important to have, as they provide guidance and structure to the area. Unmarked lots invite confusion about where parking is permitted or where it’s not, or specific loading areas. Paint stencils are used to apply patterns in parking lots such as arrows, numbers or handicap parking symbols. The right paint is also just as important to have for parking lots to ensure the lines are bright enough to see and can endure daily wear and tear. Water-based acrylic traffic paint is the most commonly used type. The paint is bright, highly durable and environmentally friendly as well. 

Parking garages and parkades

Indoor parking and parkades need to have clear parking and direction lines to keep drivers safe. Custom stencilling is usually required in parking garages to identify and number parking stalls, speed bumps and lay directional arrows. Without the proper markings, an indoor parkade can quickly invite the risk of accidents. Additionally, paint without toxic fumes is essential both for safety and to promptly reopen the parkades. Paint fumes can last for days inside a building, even after the paint has dried. Water-based paint tends to be the best choice for indoor parking lot paint, as it doesn’t leave fumes.

Another necessary factor with indoor parking is the effect of the lighting. With no natural light indoors, parking lot lines must be reflective and easy to see. Similar to road lines, glass beads can be added to the paint to provide a more reflective surface. That way, even in low-lighting, drivers will still be safe.

Roads and streets

Road lines are especially important when keeping drivers safe, especially with alternating lane directions. Street line painting includes proper crosswalk markings, stop bars and directional arrows. Having street signs is just one part of the road safety equation, while proper road markings is the second part. Glass beads may also be added to paint, especially for major road line painting. These beads add a reflective nature to line markings that can be seen during the night and in rainy or snowy conditions.

Importance of painting road lines

Major and minor road accidents can be better avoided by ensuring there are clear road markings. Letting drivers know where their lanes are, which direction is safe to turn and when to stop are all essential factors. Unclear, faded or missing lines on roads bring the risk of dangerous and unnecessary accidents. It also helps keep pedestrians safe by letting them and drivers know where it’s safe to cross and where it’s not. 

Importance of painting parking lot lines

Parking lots need proper line painting just as much as roads. While major parking accidents are less likely, the hectic nature of them can still lead to minor accidents. Outdoor parking lots must also have the right paint to last against temperature fluctuations, wear and tear and lighting changes. Indoor parkades and parking garages also need to have specific markings and designations and the right reflective paint. Accidents can occur in parking lots when drivers can’t see the right markings. More than that painting parking lot lines is essential for an orderly parking lot.

Leave line painting to the pros

An investment in high-quality parking lot paint and line painting by a professional company is something that is always worthwhile. By investing in quality service, you are taking the time and care to avoid unnecessary accidents. It shows customers and potential clients that you care about their safety. New Look Cabinets Line Painting offers affordable prices for their line painting services. Safety isn’t a luxury to offer—it’s a guaranteed service. 

Ready to refresh those line paints? Contact New Look today.

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