2018 Colours for Your Home Renovation

While spring is on its way, take the time to look around your home. Are you bored with your white walls? Do you avoid any rooms because the walls are too bright? You don’t need to do a massive overhaul of your home as an excuse to repaint your walls. New Look Cabinets offers interior painting among other services, but if that’s all you need, then we’re happy to give you the best customer experience. Before you start sifting through swatches, mull over these trending colours:

  • Pantone’s Ultra Violet
  • Behr’s In The Moment
  • Dulux’s Golden Goose

Ultra Violet

Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or new-age atmosphere, ultra violet will suit both. By pairing it with metalwork and antiques, your room will exude sophistication. If you want the room to flow and lift your spirits, incorporate stones and minerals into your décor; they will blend nicely with the ultra violet, as it’s a colour that represents mysticism and meditation.

Ultra violet is quite versatile because it represents contrast. It’s born out of red and blue, two colours that represent the contrasting feelings of hot and cold. As a result, ultra violet works well with black, but if you find it to be too dark, you can couple it with cream trims or white mouldings. Gold and silver work equally well in complementing ultra violet’s richness.

Ultra violet would work well in a room for guests and for personal reflection.

TIP: Use ultra violet as a bold statement to liven up your home.

In The Moment

A combination of blue, green, and grey, In The Moment embraces mindfulness and encourages tranquility. This colour epitomizes the Danish concept of hygge because it allows people to take the time to appreciate the simplicity in anything and, more importantly, to be “in the moment”.

Because it’s a colour inspired by nature, In The Moment beautifully offsets hardwood floors and natural stone. Consider cream, white, amber, and brown stones, such as:

  • travertine
  • alabaster
  • sandstone

In The Moment is easy on the eyes, making it functional for indoor and outdoor projects. If your home has neutral walls, why not add a little colour to the door, porch, or mouldings? In The Moment supports darker shades of green and contrasts well with white, making it ideal for beach themes and seashell décor.

This colour is perfect for a room where reading, sleeping, and relaxation will take place.

TIP: Use In The Moment to quiet your home’s liveliness.

Golden Goose

This colour can be used as a wall colour or a finish. Gold represents happiness as well as achievement and brings sophistication to a whole new level!

As a wall colour, Golden Goose produces a textured look of decadence and lightens any severe atmosphere. Golden Goose is most striking when it’s paired with a dark colour, like ultra violet or black. Because it’s an adaption of yellow, gold brings warmth to any space. Placement is key since it attracts the eye with its seductive and shimmery appearance. By standing in your room’s entrance, find the location you want people’s eyes to look at as they enter the space. You can use Golden Goose on the fireplace wall so it acts as a focal point.

Golden Goose can be used for accentuation on chair rails, rosettes, and other types of mouldings. It adapts well to hot and cold colours by adding richness.

This colour is best for organized and luxurious spaces, such as a dining room, a bathroom or library.

TIP: Use Golden Goose to emphasize and heighten your home’s individuality.

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New Look Cabinets is here to help with all levels of home renovations. While we do specialize in kitchen refurbishing, New Look Cabinets also offers interior painting for other rooms. If you want a change of atmosphere or need to increase your home’s market value, our professional painters get the job done efficiently in as little time as possible. So, take advantage of our free colour consultation, and contact us today for a free quote!

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