Two Lessons Small Calgary Companies Can Learn From The Big Multinationals When Selecting Commercial Painters

Growing Calgary firms about to open their doors to new customers in the coming weeks may be considering the painting design for their store. As with any consideration in business, it’s imperative to review the actions of those who have previously taken on the task and to emulate those who have succeeded in achieving their brand objectives. That’s why, in this blog, we’re going to focus on two lessons that small Calgary companies can learn from the larger worldwide organizations when selecting commercial painters.

1) Replicate Branding Colours in the Store

At every large retailer across North America, the company harnesses the same paint colours they use within their branding. There are various reasons behind this decision. One of the largest reasons companies use similar colours in their marketing as in their stores is that it helps create a unified brand vision. This unified brand vision provides a sense of comfort to store visitors. Visitors will know what to expect in terms of the store environment from the moment they walk in the door. And this sense of comfort will translate to greater affinity with the organization, and therefore greater sales productivity.

2) Focus on the Major Entry-points

That initial “wow factor” can be the difference between finding a long-term customer and having a visitor who decides against making a store purchase. That initial first impression is the defining factor in how the company will be perceived by that visitor in the long-term. This means that Calgary small businesses must work with commercial painters to ensure that all entry-points to the property are immaculately designed and decorated.

For assured growth as a business, small firms must review the methods chosen by their predecessors in the marketplace. By analyzing the strategies harnessed by large firms in attracting business to each one of their retail stores, today’s growing companies can achieve the reputation of their larger counterparts in years to come.

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