4 Kitchen Cabinet Color Schemes That Will Add Fluidity to the Home

Kitchen Cabinet Color Schemes

Kitchen Cabinet Color Schemes That Will Add Fluidity to the Home

Your home’s kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen, in most homes, is located right at the center of everything. It’s where you spend time with your family cooking, baking, snacking, or just hanging around.

Because the kitchen is such an important part of the home, kitchen designs and cabinets’ painting can either make or break a home’s overall value and theme. The kitchen cabinet color schemes that you choose will have one of the most significant impacts on the kitchen as a whole.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or build a new one, you’ll want to follow a few kitchen cabinet color scheme tips. Continue reading below for everything you need to know about Calgary cabinet painters and creating color schemes that’ll bring peace and serenity to your home!

1. White and Dove

A white and dove kitchen is perfect for those who love the brightness and cleanliness of an all-white kitchen but need a bit of color to offset the basic feel. A dove color is a light and airy gray, which blends well into an otherwise all-white kitchen. There are different shades of the dove color to choose from, so be sure to bring home a few samples.

The majority of the kitchen can still remain white with white kitchen cabinets and an accent wall or accent features painted in dove.

2. Gray and White

Unlike the light and airy feel of a dove shade, a grey and white kitchen is much darker. However, the kitchen still gives off a warm and relaxing vibe. Pairing grey with white is a great way to add more depth to your kitchen.

Grey is also the perfect color to ground other elements within your kitchen including any natural materials or kitchen appliances. Consider white walls, grey cabinets, and gold hardware.

3. Blue and Brown

Blue and brown are two colors that you might not ordinarily see in a kitchen cabinet color scheme. However, blue and brown are ideal for creating a peaceful space as they’re both earthy shades. Think of the ground and the sky.

When speaking of pairing the two, we don’t mean to pair brown paint and blue paint. What you can do is use natural wood countertops and shelving paired with blue cabinets. Or, you can use wooden cabinets with a blue accent wall or blue accent features.

4. White, Dark Brown, Apple Green

When combining a shade of green with dark brown and white, it’s best to stick with a more natural shade of green such as apple green. This creates a welcoming and earthy feel. To create this color scheme, paint your kitchen walls white.

Then, use apple green to paint your cabinets with. Install white countertops and use natural dark wood elements such as stools, a quaint table, and hardwood flooring.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Color Schemes Do You Prefer?

Out of the four kitchen cabinet color schemes listed above, which do you think would look best in your kitchen? Don’t hesitate to bring home a few color samples and see which ones complement the space best.

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