Turn Your Wall into a Canvas with Chalkboard Painting

Ask any parent and they’ve doubtlessly had to clean their child’s “art” off a wall at some point. While you can encourage your little one to draw on paper instead, another solution is chalkboard painting; this effectively turns a wall into a chalkboard. As the top provider of chalkboard painting in Airdrie, New Look Cabinets – Calgary provides this service at an affordable cost.

With chalkboard painting, your little Michelangelo will be able to express their creativity without ruining other walls in your home. However, even if you have chalkboard painting in Airdrie, we strongly recommend letting their child know that other walls in your home are not a canvas and to only draw on the wall in their room.

Our chalkboard painting in Airdrie uses only the best materials for easy cleanup. And why restrict yourself to walls? We also provide chalkboard painting for tables, toy boxes, and more. Chalkboard painting isn’t just for kids, either; why scramble to find a scrap of paper to write a note on or waste money on post-it notes? With chalkboard painting, you can turn a wall in your kitchen into a message board, making it the ideal place for a grocery shopping list.

And cleanup of chalkboard painting is a breeze, too: simply wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re done! When you call us for chalkboard painting in Airdrie, we will also install a shelf for pieces of chalk.

Chalkboard paint still has the attractive look of regular paint. And if you ever sell your home, having this type of paint will make it appealing to potential buyers with small children.

But our chalkboard painting in Airdrie isn’t just for homeowners; it can also be an excellent means of communication for business owners. How often do you see restaurants with chalkboards showing their menus or specials? Chalkboard paint lets you create unique messages that you can remove easily, and if you have an employee with artistic talent, they can create unique images to advertise promotions. Chalkboard paint on tables also let your customers draw on the tables, which can be cleaned up easily afterwards.

Chalkboard painting also lets you brighten your workplace. Every business has dry erase boards, so why not get something unique for your break room? Plus the markers for dry erase boards have a heavy smell, while chalk does not.

Regardless of whether you’re a business or homeowner, call New Look Cabinets – Calgary for chalkboard painting in Airdrie and the surrounding areas!

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