Why Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Is a Superior Choice

Understanding Why Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Is a better Choice

kitchen cabinet refinishing

Is your kitchen looking run-down? Many people believe the solution to a drab-looking kitchen is to tear it up and start over. At New Look Cabinets, we take a different approach. Instead of undergoing timely renovations, we refinish your old kitchen cabinets, making them look like new again and transforming the feel of the room. From our expert team, here are a few reasons why kitchen cabinet refinishing is a superior choice:

Available in a Variety of Colours and Designs.

The options are endless when it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinets. Choose paint and finishes to match the rest of your home, update your hardware, add custom moldings and trim, and choose from a wide range of colours to give your kitchen the look you’ve always wanted.

The Economical Option.

Cabinet refacing can cost up to 50% less than full kitchen renovations. In many cases, cabinets that look old or worn down on the surface are in good condition on the inside. If you’re happy with the current layout of your kitchen, a refinishing job from New Look Cabinets can give it the “face lift” you’ve been looking for.

Ensures the Health of Your and Your Family.

Old kitchen cabinets may contain harmful mold and mildew. Ripping these out with renovations can expose your family and the rest of your home to toxic mold spores. With kitchen cabinet refinishing from New Look Cabinets, paint is applied with a fresh veneer, eliminating any harmful materials. Cabinet veneers can also be manufactured to resist mold and mildew, decreasing the chance of those nasty spores creeping back onto your freshly painted cabinets.

Environmentally Friendly.

With global warming on the rise, reducing our ecological footprint is of utmost importance. When you choose to renovate your kitchen, those extra materials don’t get recycled—they go straight to the dump. Many kitchens, particularly older ones, contain formaldehyde, a harmful chemical that can cause serious damage if released in the environment. With kitchen cabinet refinishing, you reduce the amount of junk tossed in landfills, and use what you have to create a brand-new room.

Saves Time.

Full renovations can take weeks, even months to complete. With cabinet refinishing, the onsite portion of your kitchen project will only take 2-3 days to complete, saving you valuable time. Having strangers work in your home can be stressful and interrupt your day-to-day activities. At New Look Cabinets, we get the job done fast, and stay out of your way. You won’t even know we’re around.

Cabinet refinishing is your cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to a full kitchen renovation. At New Look Cabinets, we provide top-quality kitchen cabinet refacing services in Calgary. For the “big friendly hug” of painting companies, get in touch with us today.

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