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Our cabinet staining service in Calgary can breathe life back into your kitchen cabinets. We offer a wide variety of services to help improve your kitchen. Wood cabinets can age and start to feel dated over time. However, our cabinet staining service in Calgary can help. Our dedicated team of experts has the knowledge and experience to improve the finish of any wood. Staining cabinets is a great way to add stain color while protecting the wood itself. Give us a call, and let’s review your project expectations.


A kitchen cabinet is the highest point of the room. It’s where all the food storage and cooking tools are kept. One might add a touch of color to it using an oil-based stain like varnish or water-based paint.
We are professionals and stain cabinets for our clients all the time. When staining, we will apply the stain in the direction of the grain. Sometimes you don’t need to have your cabinets restained, but wood conditioner can also do wonders. Wood conditioner will condition the wood and add moisture to make it feel soft and subtle. This can sometimes save old cabinets from having to be restained.
The importance of cabinet staining lies in two things: aesthetics and long-term value preservation.


After we have provided you with a free estimate at no obligation, you have decided to hire us. We will arrive ready to go. Some tools that we will bring with us are:
  • shop vacuum
  • sanding block
  • sandpaper
  • drop cloth
  • brushes
  • gel stain
  • cotton rags
  • foam brush
  • tack cloth
  • the color stain
  • mineral spirits solution
  • painters tape
  • grit sandpaper
  • proper work area
These are some of the important tools of the trade. We will start by taking your cabinet doors off. We will set the doors on drop clothes where we will stain cabinets. We often bring the cabinet doors to our shop where we control the climate and have dust control for the best atmosphere. There is a lot of dust that comes from the sanding block and sandpaper. We will use sandpaper with the wood grain to ensure that the final product is amazing.


Many people think that painting their cabinets is a DIY job. However, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Some people might think it is as easy as reading the product instructions. The paint you use can be difficult to work with and may not stick properly leaving brush strokes or a poor quality finish. Painting takes time, skill, and patience, and hiring an expert can save you time and money in the long run.
When looking at doing a home renovation, it is important that you leave the hard stuff to the experts in order to achieve the beauty that you have dreamed of. You want your cabinets to be their very best. While we are speaking about staining the cabinets in your home, we also offer paint as an option. We specialize in kitchen renovations that will bring your home back to life.


The difference between stain and paint is in the way the products are applied and both provide a different type of finish altogether. When you choose to stain cabinets, dark colors are used to create a dark pattern on the surface. To apply the stain, rags are used to dip it into the stain and applied along with the grain of the wood. Tack cloth is used to wipe away the access stain to give the type of woods the finish that they deserve.
This method creates a more natural finish. On the other hand, a lighter color is used to create a brighter pattern on the surface with paint. This method creates a more dramatic feel.
You need to spray the paint on the cabinet surfaces and not use a paintbrush as it will leave brushstrokes that will provide a softer and tackier finish on the cabinet surfaces. When working with gel stains, it is important to go with the direction of the grain and have a proper work area. When refinishing your cabinetry, add a coat and wait for it to dry before adding another coat. It would be best if you also wiped away excess stain and paint right away.
Painting can be considered one of the most versatile methods available for interior designers and decorators in today’s world. It is quick and easy to use paint for any room, whether it needs more drama or more warmth, depending on how you want your room to feel.


One of the most preferred ways to update your home and make it more modern is by changing your cabinets. However, this is quite expensive project for some homeowners. One of the solutions that you can use is to stain them with new colors and designs.
In case you are considering buying new wood cabinets, one option to consider first is refinishing. This will save you money as they can use your own kitchen cabinets. If you like the layout and have enough space, then redoing your cabinets only makes sense. This can bring a drastic new feel to the kitchen with far less cost than new cabinets.


First, you will need to set up an appointment for us to meet and get a proper understanding of your project. We can help you decide if your oak or cherry wood cabinets should be stained or painted. Leave us your phone number or email address and one of our team members will contact you. Our work is affordable, and we are certainly a dependable contractor that will help you with exactly what you are looking for. We will decide how many coats you would like on your cabinets to ensure that you get the desired look. We want your cabinetry to have the finish you have always wanted. Let us give you the kitchen of your dreams.
After we meet with the homeowner for their project, we will work out the details and get back to them with a free quote. We strive to give your cabinets a finish you will be proud of.


There are a variety of ways to prepare before you start refinishing your cabinets. This includes removing any old paint, sanding the wood, cleaning up any excess wood filler, and removing old or damaged wood doors throughout the rest of the area. This can all cause quite a bit of dust in the cabinet boxes. We try to keep the dust down and keep our work area is clean by prepping the area off properly and by using a shop vac for clean up. This prep work ultimately determines the outcome of the final product. Some stains will need more layers or coats than others to achieve the desired look.
There are so many stain options. If you haven’t thought about it, you might want to take a trip to the hardware store to take a look at the different options. While you can look around online, the hardware store will have examples that are actually on wood most of the time. This makes it easier for some people to visualize the various stains and color options. Some stains are more opaque than others.
Fine grit sandpaper will be used to finish the look. This will give you a very smooth finish in the end. We will use cotton rags or a foam brush to apply the stain. Stains are all different; there is even gel stain as an option. Gel stain helps with not having excessive stain spots that can cause an uneven finish. As professionals, we don’t have this problem. However, when people try to DIY, this is a quite common problem.
It is important to get the final coat of protection onto the stained kitchen cabinets. The final coat should be put on to protect the stain and provide wash ability as well.


As painters, we apply stain and paint differently. However, we have a process that works to give our clients beautiful cabinets. The finishes are completely different than the rest as well. If you are not sure if they want your cabinets painted or stained, we can help. We are happy to come up with ideas for you to have everything look perfect in the end.
You could always have a peek around different websites and social media to see what looks you like for your new cabinets. These sites are great for coming up with various looks and seeing the options. If you find good ideas or things that you like on these sites, be sure that you save them to see what you have found. This helps our designers come up with a custom plan that will be amazing for you and your family. There are so many various finishes out there, from dark to colors. Whatever your budget is, we are here to help.
The stain finish and stain color will also be determined by the type of wood that your cabinetry is made from. Oak cabinet have more stain color options than say cherry cabinets as the cherry wood is much darker. Oak wood will have a lighter finish and therefore lends itself to more options.


One good reason that many homeowners don’t want to attempt to stain their own cabinets is because of the site clean-up process. It can be quite tedious but necessary to save all of the brushes and various tools. The sanding can create a dust mess. The overall stain process can be quite a messy process that many homeowners don’t want to deal with. The cleaning process is a hassle for most people.


Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a business that has taken off in recent years. There are many homeowners who want to give their kitchens a different feel. However, many people think that professional services will be out of the scope of their budget. But, in reality, getting your cabinets refaced is very affordable. You would be surprised at not only how affordable they are but also durable. These finishes and finishing materials have come a long way in recent years.

If you are looking for a vast difference and facelift for your home, you have come to the right place. We work hard to give our clients the home that they have always wanted.
When we do reface your cabinets, the boxes will remain the same. This means that the layout isn’t going to change much, but the style and the way the cabinet functions will. The cabinet doors, drawers, and knobs will all be changed out.
Sometimes we can rework the doors, and other times it is best to get new doors to change the style. That is where the proper stain and painting solutions go to work to get you the desired outcome for your kitchen design.
Give us a call, and let’s get started on your new project. We work with our clients to ensure they are happy with the finished product.
We have timelines that we share so everyone knows what to expect. Let us give you the home that you have always wanted. Communication is important. Should you have an issue with our work, we expect our clients to speak up. Sometimes the finishes are a process. Some stains or paint need to be layered to get the desired outcome.


We are the premier and most trusted cabinet company in the Calgary area. We offer affordable solutions without compromise on quality. Our expert team will provide you with peace of mind that ensures your project will be completed to your satisfaction in a timely manner. Refinishing cabinets should be left to the professionals. When done right your cabinetry can last a very long time. Call today and let’s get you an appointment to go over the various options that are available for you and your home. If you prefer email, please leave us your email address and we will contact you.