Be Careful What Colour You Paint the Exterior of Your House!

If you’re planning to paint the exterior of your home, you should be careful what colour you choose, according to what New Look Cabinets, the top provider of exterior painting in Calgary, tells its customers.

A couple in California found out the hard way when they painted the exterior of their house to resemble the home from the popular Pixar movie Up. In fact, the couple has found themselves facing multiple lawsuits from their neighbours after a judge halted an injunction against the planned renovation. The couple received permission from the city first without initially consulting with the neighbourhood association, which is a formality in the area. The neighbours allege that they are using paint with lead in it.

While we realize that you want to paint your house in a way that speaks to your family’s personality, you’re best off going with a neutral colour that won’t cause any problems with your neighbours if you’re planning on exterior painting in Calgary.

And if you have a neighbourhood association similar to the one in California, we recommend checking with them first, regardless of whether you’re planning on painting your house in a traditional or unique fashion. While it may just be a formality, it is still a common courtesy to your neighbours.

But don’t let the situation involving the couple in California discourage you from doing something unique with your exterior house painting in Calgary! You may just find that your neighbours are quite open to you painting your house in a bright colour, or even to making it resemble the home from a favourite TV show or movie; the couple in California was painting the house to match the one in Up because their children were fans of the movie and they liked its message of love, commitment, and living one’s dreams.

A permit is not required for interior or exterior house painting in Calgary; all you’ll need to do is pick out the right colour and choose a date for your exterior house painting. Our professional house painters will leave your home looking as good as new.

Finally, try to avoid trendy colours for exterior house painting in Calgary. You want something timeless; after all, you’re planning to spend years in this home, so you don’t want to paint it in a colour that will go out of style in a couple of years. You also don’t want to take away from your home’s resale value. At New Look Cabinets, the top providers of exterior painting in Calgary, our team of professional house painters will offer recommendations on the best shades for your home.


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