Two Professional Painters Decorating Tips For Renovating Small Spaces

For those young couples who have just moved into their first home, it can seem as if the starter property is slightly smaller than their family home. But there are strategies for making the property seem larger than it is. Professionals can utilize specific colour schemes to give the illusion of space to those smaller rooms. And within this post, we’ll go over two specific methods Calgary painters use when removing smaller rooms.

1) Capitalize on Colour Combinations

Professional painters know how to capitalize on colour combinations to make a space seem larger than it actually is. For example, they’re able to help homeowners to select brighter colours that are designed to make the room feel more inviting and look larger to those entering the area. Professionals can also help homeowners to select lighter colours for crown molding, which can enhance the effect of the wall seeming further away and support the illusion of space.

2) Combine Lighting and Paintwork to Create a Bright Environment

Professional painting firms have the experience to capitalize on available light when completing their work. They can use natural light to help provide balance within their painting work. Walls adjacent to windows can be painted in natural, earthy yet bright tones that evoke that feeling of spaciousness. Renovation specialists are often able to help homeowners select the type of lighting they require for certain rooms in order to further enhance any paintwork completed. Sometimes a simple, well-placed lamp can turn a small den into an immaculate family room.

With the skill and the tools available to them through their work in the renovation field, Calgary painters can help homeowners achieve that spacious-looking new family home. Homeowners are often surprised at how quickly and affordably their chosen decorators are able to transform their personal living space!

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