Two Important Tips For Reviewing Professional Residential Painting Work

Professional residential painting can help Calgary homeowners save time on completing the paintwork alone. It’s a service that many are turning to in order to consolidate their schedules and improve the appeal of their property for the long-term. But what comprises a professional paint job? The average homeowner might not know the tell-tale signs that the paintwork completed by the company is not as durable at it seems. In this blog, we’ll outline two tips for those Calgary homeowners reviewing residential painting work.

1) Look for Peeling

Sometimes homeowners will find that the paint that has just been added to their property is peeling from the old coat underneath. This is the result of the painting company not taking the adequate steps to prepare the base coat for their additional painting. While this problem can be quickly resolved by a professional company, it must be managed effectively to ensure that the peeling doesn’t affect a larger area of the property. Homeowners should call their contractor immediately should they notice peeling of their paintwork.

2) Analyze Colour in Various Lighting Conditions

Sometimes, unprofessional companies try to use two different shades of paint if the homeowner’s choice is unavailable. The difference in colour tones might be subtle, but it’s important to ensure that any colours added match the exact requirements laid out before the job began. Residential painting work should be analyzed in different lighting conditions to see if there are any particular areas in which colours change in tone. Any changes recognized must be reviewed alongside the painting contractor to ensure that the reason is not due to poor workmanship. The colour difference could simply be due to the underlying material or the result of negligent paintwork.

Homeowners must analyze their residential painting closely before signing off on any approval agreements with a professional painting firm. The homeowner who commits to close, comprehensive inspection can often detect a future costly issue before it costs them more money.

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