You might be wondering what Line Painting is. Line painting refers to those lines you see being drawn on parking lots and roads used to mark spaces that vehicles should operate within or without. Whether you’re a driver or not, you probably must have seen these lines anywhere at all and should be able to identify any when seen. They are always, on most occasions, white or yellow. Among other advantages, it is widely believed that line paintings have actually been able to prevent road accidents to some extent given that it has helped in it’s own way to give inaudible directions to motorists either on what lane to follow or where and how to park their vehicles the appropriate way.


New Look Line Painting hires only expert line painters. We can repaint parking lot lines, curbs, stencils (all types and colors), crosswalks, stop bars, arrows, handicap spots, you name it we can handle it.

Even new parking lot layouts. Our experience allows us to help you plan your new layout, and once the layout is done we execute it with quality and professionalism. Our new parking lot layout projects always looks fantastic and exceed expectations.How about roads and streets? At New look line painting we have experience painting municipal roads and streets as well. Road markings, crosswalks, stop bars, arrows in intersections, customized stenciling and signs, we do it all.


New Look Line Painting promises the best quality and customer service. We have a number of experts who are skilled in Calgary line painting. Our services come at a cost that is affordable so you don’t have to break the bank. Line painting is an important maintenance item for parking lots and parkades. If lines are incorrect or too worn down, it could create hazards for both motorists and pedestrians. Easily visible markings and painting can help reduce insurance premiums and minimize liability issues.

When a parking lot is well designed and fully painted, it appeals to your potential tenants or prospective customers. It’s the first impression that they see. Re-painting old lines is an excellent way to spruce up your property.

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