10 Ideas For Painting Stairs

When you start thinking about renovating your home, it’s like you’ve been given a blank canvas just brimming with creative possibility. There are so many different designs and aspects to consider, from changing layouts or changing colors, choosing new floors or matching furniture. Given the right attention, the stairs can become a grand centerpiece that can transform a room or your entire home.

New Look Cabinets are experts when it comes to painting, including Kitchen cabinets painting. If you’re looking for some inspiration, they share 10 ideas for painting stairs:

1. Painted runner

Adding a runner to a staircase is a great and easy way to add an elegant and high-end feel to your stairs. Of course, if you’re going for a carpet-free home, then consider painting a runner on instead. Not only will you get the look and elegance of a runner, but you’ll never have to vacuum it or replace it! This is also a great way to break up plain white stairs with a little splash of color.

2. Keep it simple, paint the top

If you still want a luxury look and feel, without in-your-face color, then just paint the tops of the stairs and leave the rest neutral. For something crisp and modern, go for a black top, white base combination. A more traditional look is easily done by painting or staining the tops in a wooden shade. Or, for the ageless classic look, just stick with a simple shade of grey!

3. Paint the risers based on the room

Risers are sometimes forgotten or just left white, while the rest of the stairs get some paint attention. Plain risers are certainly a look that can work, but you might enjoy a flair of design for your risers. If your stairs are at the front door and have focal feature potential, then work with that design in mind. Wood-stained risers will add a bold elegance, or you can still go for color such as a rich green to add character and a sense of height.

4. Painting stairs with books

Why not combine design with color by painting some books on those stair fronts! You can get creative by painting just the spine of one book on each step or make it look like a stack of colorful books. Not only will this make your stairs a real design feature, but painting stairs with your favorite books will make those stairs a real talking feature! Check out these book themed stairs for some inspiration.

5. Give that Bannister some color too!

Just like the right floor can pull together a room or the right furniture can complete a design’s layout, the Bannister does the same. If you already love the look of your stairs but still feel like something is missing, look at your Bannister.

You can mix up the design by adding a bold splash of color or pair the color to another shade in the room to help draw it out. If you want something more traditional, try staining the handrails a new color and paint the rest white. This will not only help brighten the stairs but also leaves them looking effortlessly elegant.

6. Consider using wallpaper instead of painting stairs 

Who says wallpaper must be just for the walls? If you love the idea of having some designs on your stairs but don’t have the time or talent to draw it yourself, use wallpaper on your risers! It’s a quick and easy way to add a touch of design, plus it’ll easily be within your budget. The great thing about wallpaper as well is all the design options that come with it. Keep it simple with one pattern all the way up or consider using alternating patterns instead.

7. Painting stairs one bold color

Have you ever seen staircases painted all black? It may seem like a bold choice but given the right design, a uniformly colored staircase can really work. Dark colors can work to make a bold statement on an open staircase, but just don’t go dark on stairs in a stairwell. You want to use this on open stairs, otherwise, it’s too dark and foreboding. Blacks and dark, navy blues can work well against a white backdrop. Otherwise, if you have wood stairs, refinishing kitchen cabinets with a dark wood stain, will help to really add some grandeur.

8. Leave the hardwood, but have it refinished

It may sound odd to leave a paint job unfinished, but when it comes to staircases, it can really work. Particularly if your stairs are originally hardwood. Hardwood floors on their own are a beautiful addition to any home, and doubly so on staircases. By leaving a section of hardwood exposed down the center and painting the outer edges, it creates a perfect contrast of the two. Your stairs still get a new look and feel, but you won’t lose out on all that beautiful hardwood. If the hardwood is worse for wear, consider having it refinished so it looks shiny and new again.

9. Use more than one color

When painting stairs, you don’t have to just stick to one color. Try combining complementary colors such as pinks and yellows or oranges and blues and paint a pattern on those risers. It can add color and create a fun focal point in your home. You can also let your personality shine through by going for something quirkier or a more uniform, simple design. Whichever is more you!

10. Embrace the pastel

Like a nice quaint, white staircase, opting for a pastel shade is still just as subtle, but adds the perfect touch of refreshment to a room. There are lots of pastel shades to choose from too, whether you want a soft pink, cheerful yellow or cool mint. You can also decide between painting the whole staircase, alternating colors or even just using pastel on the banisters. No matter which color you choose, pastels are a great way to add just a subtle, new touch of life to those stairs.

If you want to rejuvenate your staircase, call the professionals at New Look Cabinets today!

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