Trendy Colour Options for Your Kitchen Walls

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Trendy Colour Options for Your Kitchen Walls

Since the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms throughout the house, choosing the right colour scheme for it can be extremely challenging. In a lot of ways, the kitchen is the central point of the entire house because it’s where people tend to come together the most for social events or to share a meal. Ultimately, the types of colours you choose for your kitchen should reflect your own personal tastes while also being stylish and chic. Keep reading for excellent advice on choosing the right colours for your kitchen wall painting project.

Purple: Naturally Pleasing Palette and Deep Colours

There are numerous shades of purple that can help create unique looks for your kitchen. Whether you want to have a two tone appearance for your kitchen or create a more sensuous feeling, purple provides an excellent palette for you to realize your dreams. Different shades of purple can induce varying feelings of calmness and serenity, which is perfect for the kitchen.

Yellow: Warm and Happy Hue

Yellow is one of those feel-good colours that interacts well with natural lighting. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice window in your kitchen with natural sunlight cascading in, then yellow is an excellent colour. It can also easily complement a wide range of other colours such as grey or purple for your cabinets.

Grey and White: Neutral Tone Kitchen

Are you worried about the resale value of your home or do you just prefer the simple things in life? If you can relate to either one of those statements, then neutral tones like grey and white are the right choice for your kitchen interior painting project. This also leaves the door wide open to add a wide range of fun and funky or more subdued accent tones.

Orange: A Saturated Shade

While orange may seem like one of those colours that’s an acquired taste, the right shade of it can really brighten up an otherwise dull interior. Like yellow, a light shade of orange can easily be integrated as either a mainstay or accent colour. Orange can be contrasted against darker colours or it can be combined with other bright colours depending on the type of mood you want to create in your kitchen.

Red: Bold Lacquer Colour

Known universally as the quintessential colour of love, pretty much any shade of red can easily be used as an accent in your kitchen. Many people use it in contrast with grey or white backsplashes. Pops of red can be incorporated in your kitchen in small ways like a tea kettle or dish towels since the colour itself can be quite overpowering.

Blue: Bold and Blissful

Blue is one of those majestic colours that has the power to induce a plethora of emotions. It can either uplift your kitchen renovation or create a more somber feeling depending on the shade you choose. Royal blue is a classic regal shade, whereas navy blue is a much darker shade that pairs well with brighter colours like yellow to create an interesting contrast.

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