Aluminum Siding Painting in Calgary

Let New Look Cabinets enlighten you on a new process to bring back to life your Aluminum Siding in order to restore to nearly factory new appearance, improving the value of homes and/or businesses. This latest coating technology protects and preserves siding from harsh elements which are detrimental to our valued investments.

We all know that curb appeal is crucial for re-sale and a new fresh look tells prospective buyers that your home has been well maintained. Applying paint to Aluminum Siding improves durability and is less labour intensive than painting wood where moisture retention is an issue. Therefore, cleaning is easy, drying is quicker and the results are yearly maintenance becoming less of a chore.

You may choose to brighten the original colour by re-painting or changing up the colour completely for a brand new look. Don’t forget to check with your neighbours. They may jump on the band wagon to keep uniformity in the area as well. Your home will look even better for it!

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