Wood Staining Extends the Life of Your Fence and Deck

With summer well underway, you’re doubtlessly planning on spending plenty of time on your deck. But with the harsh winter that Calgary just experienced, along with heavy rain this spring, it’s doubtlessly taken a toll on your deck and fence. Luckily, you can restore your deck and fence to their former glory with wood staining. At New Look Cabinets – Calgary, the top providers of reliable professional residential painting, wood staining is included as part of our exterior painting in Calgary.

In addition to enhancing the look of your deck and fence, wood staining also protects against the elements. Our exterior painting in Calgary uses only the best wood staining materials on the market to ensure that your deck and fence will last for years.

Best wood staining in Calgary

The type of wood stain we use when performing exterior painting in Calgary all depends on the type of wood your fence and deck are made from. As experts in exterior painting in Calgary, we use only the best wood stains on the market for your fence and deck. We realize that different kinds of wood react differently to different kinds of stain; that is why we request that our clients provide us with the type of wood their fence or deck is made from so we will know the proper kind of stain to use.

However, if your fence or deck has been treated with varnish, it will not allow the stain to penetrate the wood, since varnish acts as a barrier against moisture. If your fence or deck has been varnished, it may be necessary to sand away the layer with varnish before we can stain the wood. Though we do include removing varnish as part of our exterior painting in Calgary, please be aware that it will cost extra.

We at New Look Cabinets are Cabinet Staining – Calgary also recommend booking your staining and exterior painting in Calgary during dry weather; it is imperative that wood is dry both inside and out before wood staining. And if your deck is treated wood, it is recommended that you wait until six weeks after construction to use wood staining on it.

Finally, before wood stain is applied, we will thoroughly clean your deck and fence to ensure that it is free of debris, as well as apply wood conditioner to prevent any blotchy patches from appearing. While wood staining is a task you can perform yourself, it can be time-consuming, not to mention that we have experience in staining and exterior painting in Calgary. And best of all, we provide these services at an affordable cost.

Add years to your deck and fence with wood staining and exterior painting in Calgary from New Look Cabinets – Calgary! Contact us today!

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