2018 Kitchen Design Trends

2018 kitchen

Are you considering updating your kitchen this year? 2018 interior design trends have been dominated by the use of embellishments, geometric patterns, foliage, and gold accents. Learn how to translate these trends into the heart of your home and successfully modernize your kitchen in a way that will make it distinct and express your personal style.

From the experts at New Look, some of the best 2018 kitchen trends:

Statement Appliances

Statement appliances are a great way to kickstart your kitchen update since they are a quick and easy fix, yet make a dramatic change. Popular ways of incorporating this trend include updating typical stainless steel appliances to a vintage version. Many people have done this by installing vintage stoves or cast-stone range-hoods. That being said, sometimes these appliances can be pricey. Don’t want to take the plunge and invest in a vintage oven? Start small and purchase retro-inspired kitchen accessories that will remain stylish even if you decide to invest in larger statement appliances later on.

Colourful Cabinets

Colourful home accents have made a comeback in 2018 and this can be seen with the increasing use of colourful cabinets in homes. Popular colours include blue, deep green and “greige”. Avoid an overwhelming burst of colour by sticking to cool tones that naturally complement other hues in the room. If having a colourful kitchen is too big of a step for you, you can get the best of both worlds by only painting the lower cabinets in a colourful shade.

Dark Countertops

Complement your colourful cabinets and statement appliances in a simple and timeless way by installing dark countertops. Not only are they easier to keep clean, but the contrast will naturally make your kitchen’s other design elements stand out. Popular countertop materials that come in dark varieties include quartz, polished granite, and marble; however, sometimes making sure that the dark colours complement each together can be difficult, and that’s where the experts come in. New Look Cabinets offers free colour consultations so you can get a better idea of which colours complement one another and which will best suit your space.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

Make your kitchen more visually appealing and dynamic by introducing multi-tone cabinetry. An easy way to do this is to pick a base colour from which you can create various tones to complement. This ensures that the colours match well and make the space look more cohesive. Another way to introduce two-tone cabinetry is to use contrast. This can be done by using two contrasting colours of cabinets. A common example of this is the combination of white and wood toned cabinets. By using two-toned cabinets, you will be able to successfully break up a typically monotone colour palette and make your space more visually diverse.

Whether you are looking for some simple upgrades or considering an entire kitchen remodel, New Look Cabinets provides you with many options that will ensure your renovation is a success. For more details, visit our website or give us a call at 403-719-7246 to get in touch with our experts or book a free colour consultation.

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