New Look Cabinets was hired to paint the reception area at the Penske office in Etobicoke. We had a room that had to be painted quickly and efficiently and New Look Cabinets was able to deliver as promised!

New Look Cabinets did an amazing job and were able to execute everything quickly and without flaw. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable and honest painting contractor.

We are very happy with their painting service and will be hiring him to paint my home in the very near future. Thanks Again!

New Look Cabinets was 1 or 4 companies I called. Many answered the phone with a very unprofessional tone and manner. A couple did not even bother to show up to quote on our project. But Platinum Pro and especially Chris were professional, courteous and showed up on time. They gave me a quote pretty quickly and the price was very reasonable. We had some changes to the paint/colors/etc. and with all the changes they were really good with them. When they were doing the work they were also very professional and did a great job. We have a busy parking lot with clients and they worked well around all that. Once the job was done I looked it over carefully and everything was done perfectly. I was pretty amazed by the quality of work. Would recommend to anyone looking for painters. And especially Chris White, he was a pleasure to work with. Perfect score in my books.

I hired New Look Cabinets to paint my house as the previous owners did some significant damage to the walls both with wall hangings and dents as well as using a generic brand paint that was bleeding and washing off the walls. It was a job that was far beyond anything a DIY’er could handle. Steve and Frank did an excellent job of patching the walls (probably over 200 patches easily and a day spent just prepping the walls before they could even paint) and painting them to look almost brand new again. The house looked completely different and refreshed when they were finished. I had family over the same day it was completed and they could not believe it was the same house, the look went from “frumpy” and obviously in need of some attention to bright and colourful and new. Steve and Frank were also great about making suggestions about where to start and end colour changes so that they looked seamless, something I had not considered when choosing the colours and where to put them. I’ve worked in construction and high volume homebuilding for a number of years and worked with a number of painting trades and these guys are one of the best in terms of communication as well as painters that obviously are highly skilled and care about the finished look, not just finishing the job. I would not hesitate to recommend New Look Cabinets to anyone looking for an excellent painter who delivers above and beyond on what they quote.

The work involved sanding off some very flaked lacquer to over 30 window frames, then repainting. Also touching up some water stains to ceilings. They sanded back all of the window frame surfaces until they were really smooth so that, after painting, you wouldn’t know that there had been any chips or flakes. Everyone was friendly & kept the place clean. As I work from home I also appreciated the face that they didn’t shout across the house at each other or have blaring music. The job was well done & I would both use them again & recommend them to others.

The entire crew, from quote to clean up, was on time with phone calls and start times. All introduced themselves and were pleasant to deal with. The work was thorough and our window frames and exterior look fantastic! Very professional.

To say I was happy with my experience using New Look Cabinets would be an understatement. They were an absolutely fantastic company that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a great contractor. I submitted my request for a quote, and promptly received a call from Chris. His customer service skills are amazing, and it’s easy to tell that he cares a lot about his business. We set up a quote for the next day, and I had expressed how deflated I was feeling as a different company I had tried to get a quote from the day prior cancelled on me last minute. He was very sympathetic, and I knew they’d be on time. Sure enough, Dave showed up, and he even knew about my bad experience with the other contractor, so I could tell Chris had made sure he was there on time to show me I could rely on them. Dave came in, and he scouted my place in a quick and efficient manner before promising a formal quote would be issued later that day. From there, I shopped around a bit as well, but I never got the same good feeling from anyone else. Not only that, but Chris’ team gave me a price that was comparable if not better than some of the other quotes, with a level of service included that some of the others weren’t offering in their pricing. It was a no brainer to hire New Look Cabinets. From there, my job was scheduled very quickly, which was important to me as I’m trying to turn it around as a rental property. Last minute questions were answered, paint was chosen, and my crew showed up on time the morning of the job. They came in, we discussed a few things, and I left them to do their thing. They were done in a day, and when I did my walk through, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the work. My walls were in fairly bad shape from previous owners, and there was a lot of patchwork to do. It felt like a brand new place when I came in to see the walls looking as good as they did. All fixtures, closet racks, and other such things were expertly removed and replaced after the painting was done, ensuring a good uniform look to the entire place. It was truly a pleasure working with Chris and his team from start to finish, and I know they’ll be my painter of choice should I ever need to hire someone again. If you want a stress free experience with a company that knows what they’re doing, I highly recommend you choose their wonderful team.