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House Painting Services in Calgary, Alberta

New Look Cabinets has been a house painting company that you can trust and we operate in Calgary, AB. The city of Calgary, Ab is going to be one of the leading Canadian cities for economic growth over the next five years. this is exciting news for the citizens of this neat city closely located to the famous Rocky Mountains.
The housing market is booming and it is imperative to have your home stand out if you want to receive the true value of your residential property. Is your home in need of a facelift?

Interior House Painting

New Look Cabinets is the painting company that residents of Calgary have trusted to maximize their home’s potential. House painting Calgary has become such a popular way to protect your largest investment.
Professional painting services are a difficult task to hire because there are so many companies to choose from. The tenure and reputation of a company are major deciding factors when choosing a professional to work in your home.
Some of the best and most affordable ways to keep your home looking better than your neighbours is to hire an interior house painting company. House painters can change the entire look and feel throughout your home if they are provided with the proper budget.
New Look Cabinets of Calgary Alberta is your one-stop shop for all interior and exterior painting needs. If you, like so many others have re-located your family life or business to the fast-growing city of Calgary, you should contact our Calgary painters today to understand the experience and professionalism it takes to renovate your home properly the first time.

Interior Painting Services

Our skilled team of Calgary painters will increase the value of your home by using correct colour selections, top-of-the-line products along with the correct application processes. Interior and exterior painting can be the best use of your budget to improve the feel and look of your home.
Having your house painted can be a scary and daunting task or it can be an exciting and happy experience that ultimately comes down to the company that you choose to work with. Our dedicated house painting team is exceptional when it comes to protecting your home and maintaining a high level of communication.
When choosing to have your house painted by New Look Cabinets, you are choosing a Calgary painting company that will provide you with a home that you love to spend time in and show off to your friends & family.

Exterior House Painting

Exterior house painting is such an important factor to A freshly painted home can impact the sale of your home and it will ultimately be the deciding factor of whether your home sells for top dollar or an amount below the asking price.
Our painters in Calgary Alberta prioritize ensuring that we have happy customers by using proper preparation, repairing drywall repair, removing peeling paint, and using quality materials to ensure that you receive an amazing job.
Calgary residents have been trusting New Look Cabinets as their Calgary painting contractor with their residential properties for over 10 years and we are known for our high-quality workmanship. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the value that they deserve for their homes.
Our team takes pride in answering all painting-related questions and they will leave your entire house looking the best that it ever has.

Exterior Painters

Whether you are considering to paint your exterior doors, wood siding, garage doors or if you are looking into stucco painting, our team of exterior painters are excited to transform your home and add to your curb appeal. A fresh paint job on the exterior of your home can leave you bragging to your neighbours about which exterior house painting crew painted your home.
When choosing the painting companies to paint your home, it is wise to understand all the details that are provided with the pricing. One company may quote on brushing your garage doors or exterior doors while our company would spray your garage doors. The difference in quality of product and the overall look at the end of the project are night and day.
New Look Cabinets mission is to raise the bar in the painting industry by providing value and delivering on our promise.
Contact your local Calgary painting contractors to see how we can help you with your upcoming project.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every home so it is important to keep it looking amazing. Kitchen cabinets can be great structurally but the coatings can start to fade or look worn so having your kitchen cabinets painted or refinished is a service that New Look Cabinets has been providing the residents of Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas for many years.
Kitchen cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing is one of the best options available to maintain a beautiful space but should only be completed by a professional painting contractor.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

The team at New Look Cabinets is a painting company that you can trust with professional painters. We take great pride in the way that we prepare cabinets prior to the application process. If steps are skipped in the preparation phase or the quality of preparation is lacking, the new coatings will only be as durable as the surface that they are applied to.
Quite often potential clients will contact us stating that their cabinet coating is flaking off or it is very easy to chip or remove the paint. This is usually caused by a very poor preparation process or cheaper materials.
This is why our team is adamant about having the best preparation process in the industry which allows us to deliver the best-refinished cabinets in Calgary. Call New Look Cabinets for all your painting needs.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a realistic budget for an interior painting project?

Painting projects always come down to cost for preparation, materials, labor and time. We believe in providing you with the top of industry service while charging competitive pricing. Our team of professionals will provide you with value and confidence that you hired the correct painting contractors.

What kind of paint should be used for an interior painting project?

We recommend using paint from the specialists in the industry who understand which products to use for the correct projects. We use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Bellare Coatings for the majority of our materials.

What kind of paint should be used for an exterior painting project?

For exterior painting services, we use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Paints on most of our projects. The quality of products lead the industry and provide quality and longevity to our clients. The materials are usually a small portion of the project cost, we do recommend using top quality materials.

Do you provide commercial painting services?

Commercial painting is a service that we do not provide due to not having the proper equipment to complete a project under the proper time and cost restraints. We would be more than happy to recommend a couple of commercial painting who provide professional painting services.
In commercial painting, finding professional painters can be a very difficult task to achieve.

How to know that you are hiring a professional painting company?

We understand that hiring the right company is not always as easy as it seems. A professional painting contractor should always be able to provide references, reviews, social media proof and pictures of previous jobs.
We also recommend checking third-party websites such as the BBB.

How many years has your company been providing residential painting services?

New Look Cabinets has been one of the Calgary painting companies that you can trust. New Look Cabinets has been operating in Calgary, AB for close to 10 years and all of our Calgary painters are highly skilled and have been in the trade for many years.
Our Calagry painters strive for quality on every painting job to ensure that we are one of the most reputable companies when you are searching for house painters.

What kind of preparation is completed prior to painting application?

We request that all furniture is moved to the middle of each room to provide proper clearance for our teams to work. Our Calgary painters will ensure that the floors and furniture are covered prior to the start of any of our interior painting jobs.
Our house painters will always complete a walk through with our clients to ensure a proper paint job has been delivered.

What is the warranty for interior and exterior painting services?

We offer a 2 year warranty for interior painting projects and we offer a 1 year warranty for exterior house painting projects. Our painting work provides you with proper preparation and top-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity for property.
Horizontal exterior surfaces will not be covered under our warranty because these areas tend to have water pooling which causes paint to flake off.
Our exterior home painting team will prepare the surface prior to applying the exterior paint.

Are you able to match certain colours for any paint job?

The paint specialists at our paint suppliers are amazing at matching the paint colours if the paint samples are in good condition and are large enough. Colour matching is never guaranteed but with technology, the matches are very accurate.

Does a representative from your company provide guidance with colour options?

We do have a professional designer whose services are offered on any project that is higher than $3500. Our designer will visit you in your home to get a true understanding of the colour story throughout your home.
There are many factors to take into account when selecting colours such as natural lighting, artificial lighting, furniture, and much more.

Does your company have experience with commercial properties?

Our team of commercial painters are very skilled with commercial projects whether it is in commercial buildings or other commercial spaces.
Our reputation as the best painters in Calgary, AB is due to our focus on the best quality on the job site while providing a great price. Our designer will also be available for her decorating services.

Do you offer financing for your services?

We are proud to announce that we are now offering financing which includes monthly payment plans. Please ask us for more information.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques, visa & mastercard. Call us today for your free estimate.


Call our team for your no-obligation estimate and see how our Calgary painting team can provide you with the best house painting experience.