Interior Wall Painting

To say I was happy with my experience using New Look Cabinets would be an understatement. They were an absolutely fantastic company that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a great contractor. I submitted my request for a quote, and promptly received a call from Chris. His customer service skills are amazing, and it’s easy to tell that he cares a lot about his business. We set up a quote for the next day, and I had expressed how deflated I was feeling as a different company I had tried to get a quote from the day prior cancelled on me last minute. He was very sympathetic, and I knew they’d be on time. Sure enough, Dave showed up, and he even knew about my bad experience with the other contractor, so I could tell Chris had made sure he was there on time to show me I could rely on them. Dave came in, and he scouted my place in a quick and efficient manner before promising a formal quote would be issued later that day. From there, I shopped around a bit as well, but I never got the same good feeling from anyone else. Not only that, but Chris’ team gave me a price that was comparable if not better than some of the other quotes, with a level of service included that some of the others weren’t offering in their pricing. It was a no brainer to hire New Look Cabinets. From there, my job was scheduled very quickly, which was important to me as I’m trying to turn it around as a rental property. Last minute questions were answered, paint was chosen, and my crew showed up on time the morning of the job. They came in, we discussed a few things, and I left them to do their thing. They were done in a day, and when I did my walk through, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the work. My walls were in fairly bad shape from previous owners, and there was a lot of patchwork to do. It felt like a brand new place when I came in to see the walls looking as good as they did. All fixtures, closet racks, and other such things were expertly removed and replaced after the painting was done, ensuring a good uniform look to the entire place. It was truly a pleasure working with Chris and his team from start to finish, and I know they’ll be my painter of choice should I ever need to hire someone again. If you want a stress free experience with a company that knows what they’re doing, I highly recommend you choose their wonderful team.

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