With the extreme weather the Airdrie area has been experiencing recently, a particularly bad storm saw the area pounded with golf ball-sized hail in a 15 minute barrage that left cars and property. As the leading provider of exterior painting in Airdrie, New Look Cabinets – Calgary uses only the best paints in the industry that will stand up to the elements.

The weather the Airdrie and Calgary areas have been experiencing this summer also means that there’s limited windows for exterior house painting. If you’re planning to book us for exterior painting in Airdrie, we recommend planning ahead and keeping an eye on the weather forecast. When there’s a stretch of sunny and clear weather coming up, give us a call and book your house painting.

We also recommend booking on days when the temperature will be comfortable. While our painters will take all the proper precautions to keep hydrated and protected against the sun during hot weather, days when it isn’t too humid are ideal for exterior house painting in Airdrie, or anywhere in the Calgary area.

When painting outside, our workers keep a close eye on the weather and monitor reports since these storms can seemingly come out of nowhere. If it looks like a storm similar to the “gustnado” that hit the Airdrie area is going to hit, we will pack up and get under cover.

Extreme weather, like hail and high winds, can take a toll on the exterior of your home, as can heat and humidity. That’s why, as the top provider of exterior painting in Airdrie, we use only the best paints in the industry that will stand up to everything that Mother Nature throws at your home.

And it’s not just the summer; winter in the Airdrie area can throw a lot at your home. You’ll want to know the paint will stand up to it and you won’t have to have your home repainted every couple of years. When you call us for exterior painting in Airdrie, you’ll get results that last.

At New Look Cabinets – Calgary, we thoroughly research the paint we use while providing exterior painting in Airdrie at an affordable price that will fit your budget. A fresh coat of paint every couple of years adds to your home’s curb appeal and brightens its appearance.

Summer will be over before you know it, so book your exterior painting in Airdrie with New Look Cabinets – Calgary now!