A Reliable Painting Service at an Affordable Price

Give your old kitchen cabinets the attention they need with a top-quality painting service from New Look Cabinets. As a leading commercial and residential painting company in Calgary, we pride ourselves on top quality work and the best customer service. All of our experts have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and we have the knowledge and skillset necessary to completely revamp your home, kitchen or business.

Instead of demolishing and rebuilding your old kitchen cabinets, save yourself thousands of dollars with a fresh coat of durable paint from the experts at New Look Cabinets. You’ll increase the value of your home without the money, time, and hassle it takes to redo the entire kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen or cabinets, we offer reliable painting services in Calgary at a low cost.


15-30 Cabinet doors/drawers$2800 – $3900
30-40 Cabinet doors/drawers$3800 – $4900
40-50 Cabinet doors/drawers$4800 – $5900
50-60 Cabinet doors/drawers$5800 – $6700
60-70 Cabinet doors/drawers$6600 – $7700
70-80 Cabinet doors/drawers$7400 – $8500

* Prices do not include GST
* A free colour consultation is included in projects above $3000

Nothing is more important to us at New Look Cabinets than ensuring our customers are satisfied with their product. To accommodate for all households and personal needs, we offer customers a list of upgrades, including:

  • New glass swap-out.
  • Beautiful two-tone finish.
  • Replacement of Hardware (including soft-closing hinges).
  • Drilling holes for new hardware.
  • Filling previous holes to allow for new hole structure.
  • Furniture refinishing.

At New Look Cabinets, our customers matter, which is why we go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure we provide you with the best quality painting services in Calgary. Our team of dedicated professionals are always available to answer any questions.

A fresh paint job for your cabinets can make your kitchen look like new again. With a service from the reliable experts at New Look Cabinets, you’ll save more money than you can imagine, and end up with a beautiful kitchen worth bragging about. What’s more, we have a designer available to help you choose the best colour to match the style you were hoping for.

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