Kitchen Painting Services

Kitchen Painting Services in Airdrie

As you probably already know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the central hangout spot within the house where everyone tends to congregate during social events and as such, your kitchen is typically the most viewed part of your home right next to your living room. If you’re embarrassed about letting your guests see your kitchen because the cabinets are outdated or need refacing, then it may be time to start looking into kitchen painting services in your area. New Look Cabinets is one of Alberta’s leading cabinet spraying companies and we’re more than happy to help bring your kitchen back to life for you.

Our Kitchen Painting Services

When you welcome us into your home to paint your kitchen cabinets, we don’t just slap a few extra coats of paint on them and call it a day. On the contrary, our services are far more precise than that and we take pride in the quality of the work we deliver to our satisfied customers. We won’t leave until you’re completely happy with the finished outcome. If there’s anything that needs to be changed or corrected, we’re more than happy to take the time to listen to your concerns and effectively address the problem at hand.

We offer a variety of home improvement services including the following:

Interior Wall Painting Services

We have a team of experienced and dedicated painters that are specifically designated to paint interior walls and ceilings, which guarantees the highest possible level of perfection and satisfactory results for our customers. All you have to do is communicate to us what it is you’re hoping to accomplish with your interior painting project and we’ll take the time to truly understand your needs. We’ll even help you come up with a workable and aesthetically pleasing colour scheme and design to complement the layout of each room in your home and coincides with your stylistic preferences.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

It takes a great deal of expertise and precision to render a truly unique and stunning cabinet design. Our team of cabinet painters is specially trained to follow a specific step-by-step process that includes cleaning, priming, and then painting your cabinets to produce clean and smooth results every time. Before we start on any home improvement project, though, we’ll take the time to schedule a complimentary consultation so that you can tell us exactly what you want the end result to be. Then, we’ll evaluate the current state of your cabinets and explain all of your options to you. Ultimately, our goal is to ascertain the satisfaction of all of our customers by providing top notch customer service and making sure that all of your needs are met.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Services from New Look Cabinets

New Look Cabinets is a local cabinet painting and refinishing business located in Calgary, Alberta. We serve a variety of different areas throughout Calgary including Airdrie and Chestermere. To learn more about our business or schedule a free colour consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts, please contact us!