Interior Painting

Team of Professional Interior Painters in Calgary

Is your home in need of a tune up? Are your walls begging for a splash of colour? If the answer is yes, the professional interior painters at New Look Cabinets in Calgary can help. With years of hands-on experience, our knowledgeable staff knows what it takes to provide customers with a unique product they love. Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen, add a new colour to bedroom walls, or repaint your bathroom, we have your back.

What Can I Expect from the Professionals at New Look Cabinets?

There is nothing more important to us than customer happiness and satisfaction. That’s why our team goes above and beyond to ensure each residential paint job is exactly to the customer’s liking. In addition to a thorough inspection following our painting service, we allow customers a 24-hour window to report any imperfections or blemishes. What’s more? We offer each customer a free colour consultation from our professionals to help them choose the perfect colour for their home.

What Are the Benefits of Repainting Your Home’s Interior?

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the home. In a matter of days, or even hours, you can transform the look and feel of any room in the house. From the residential painting experts at New Look Cabinets, here are a few ways you can benefit from our professional painting service:

Provides a Clean Look.
The first thing you’ll notice after a new paint job is how clean your house looks. Regardless of colour, a fresh coat of paint will cover up any unattractive stains, marks, or blemishes on your walls, floors, and ceilings. At New Look Cabinets, we ensure a thorough cleaning and sanding job before applying primer and paint. Your walls will sparkle like never before.

Increases Resale Value.
If you plan on selling your home in the future, a new paint job can add thousands of dollars to its market value. The colour and quality of paint is one of the first things potential buyers will look at. With a professional painting service from New Look Cabinets in Calgary, you can rest assured your home is getting the best makeover possible.

An Affordable Alternative to Renovations.
Many homeowners think the solution to shabby looking walls is full-scale renovation. At New Look Cabinets, we see things a little differently. Instead of demolishing old walls and structures, we work with what you have. Repainting an old room is the fastest and most efficient way to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

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